Serie A – Italy’s head of the association on rebel clubs: “No vengeance”

The Italian football association FIGC does not want to punish record champions Juventus Turin, Inter Milan and AC Milan for their plans to establish a European Super League. “There will be no trial, no condemnation or revenge actions,” said association chief Gabriele Gravina loudly Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We have strictly defended the values ​​and the rules of football. Now everything has returned to normal, but the situation we have been through is an alarm signal. It makes us think about the fact that something is not working. But it is must not be penalized. You cannot punish an idea that has not materialized, “emphasized the association president.

Gravina called for the rules of the global football family to be respected. “Either you are in the football world with its rules or you step out. Anyone who belongs to this world has to accept both its rules and its values,” said Gravina.

After fierce criticism from associations, fans and the media, the Super League plans were put on hold, only Real Madrid, Juventus Turin and FC Barcelona have so far waived an official withdrawal despite massive opposition. Originally, twelve prestigious European clubs launched the super league on Monday night.

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