Serie A: airs of end of reign for Juventus Turin

Six days before the end of Serie A, for the first time in nine years, Vecchia Signora sees the title fade away.

Since 2012, she was unbeatable. With its 36 titles of champion of Italy, it is indeed Juventus Turin which holds the record of coronations. While she could have gone for a tenth in a row and inscribed her name a little more in the history of Italian football, we are closer to the handover for the Bianconeri, who play Fiorentina this Sunday 25 April.

For the first in nine years, Juventus sees the title slip away, in favor of Inter Milan. Currently 3rd in the championship, 11 points behind the Interist leader, the Vecchia Signora has a series of missteps. Five defeats in total and eight draws, Juve is far from Inter who have only two defeats this season. It is not without a twinge of heart that Guglielmi Amor, president of the supporters’ club of Juventus, brings up the situation: “It’s not a small team that will win the championship, it’s Inter Milan. But it’s also good that they pass the baton a little, it raises the level of football. It is not always the same who win. So it’s true, this year, we had several video refereeing decisions that were not favorable to us. But we can’t rest on that. ”

A feverish season which also took place in the Champions League. Eliminated in the round of 16 for the second year in a row, Juventus failed to face FC Porto. The Bianconeri used to rub shoulders with the top 8 of the prestigious European competition and reached the final in 2015 and 2017, times not so old. It now seems like a distant memory. Last hope to grab a title this season for Andrea Pirlo’s men, the Italian Cup final. On May 19, against Atalanta, the Turin club will have the opportunity to restore the image of a disappointing season …

Juve was stability embodied. From Antonio Conte coach from 2011 to 2014 to Massimiliano Allegri, 2014-2019, eight years have passed. But above all an accumulation of titles and an undivided domination of Serie A. The express passage of Maurizio Sarri (2019-2020) did not last. To succeed him, Juve had high hopes in Andrea Pirlo, former midfielder of the Turin house.

The arrival of Pirlo already raises questions. He takes the helm on August 8, 2020, just eight days after making his reserve team coaching debut. The neo-coach turns into a firefighter on duty after the dismissal of Maurizio Sarri. A decision that left supporters skeptical, especially Guglielmi Amor: “The results are not good. But it’s not the team, it’s mostly the coach. I do not understand why they put Andrea Pirlo. He was a very good player, but put him as the coach of the Serie A, it is not possible, he is a young coach. It was Juventus 3 that he should have coached. They must have had no one else to replace Maurizio Sarri. “

The baptism of fire will not have the expected influence and coincides with the end of a reign in Serie A. With the aborted Super League project, another hazardous choice of President Andrea Agnelli, it is the whole image of the club that is tarnished.

As if Juve’s failed season was not enough, the Super League fiasco has also come down a little more on Vecchia Signora. By participating in the project of this competition, Andrea Agnelli, President of Juventus, has drawn the wrath of other Serie A clubs, in particular, his counterpart from Torino, Urbano Cairo: “How can you come here to talk about solidarity when you sabotaged the negotiation with the funds, already knowing that you were doing the Super League? How can you negotiate the fundraising deal when you are already working in the Super League ? How is that possible? It’s a sad, a peephole. “

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