Sergio Ramos ‘reaction after Vinícius’ resounding failure: he did the most difficult and failed against the goalkeeper

Sergio Ramos

The Real Madrid became the first Spanish team to reach the quarterfinals Champions League final after losing in the second round of Atalanta, winning 0-1 in the first leg and confirming the result in Valdebebas with a 3-1 victory. Benzema, Ramos and Asensio scored the goals for Zidane’s men, in a tie that has been on track since the first leg.

However, that scoring account could have been added Vinicius that returned to show a match more than goals are not his thing. The Brazilian winger was one of the best players of the match with his riding and dribbling, even provoking the penalty that led to the second goal of his team. But he also offered the cross of the coin as regards the definition.

In the 53rd minute, with 1-0 on the scoreboard, Vinícius signed a career that could have ended in one of the best goals of his career, but after dodging several opponents and remaining alone against the goalkeeper, his shot went wide in an incomprehensible way and wasted the opportunity.

Beyond the ruling, attention was drawn to the reaction of his captain, Sergio Ramos, before the incredible occasion that his partner had rejected and that would have been the judgment (which he later signed himself). The defender put his hands to his head and threw himself to the ground with clear gestures of resignation.

As expected, at the end of the game Ramos was asked about his gestures for the ruling and wanted to take the issue away, ensuring that his frustration also came from empathy with Vinícius. “At the end one ends up regretting it because it is sad, after having practically done the hardest thing not to finish that great play by ‘Vini’ with a goal. I think he deserved it, “he began explaining.

I shoot myself more for an internal pain than for anything else, I would have been happy if Vini had also scored that goal, but the important thing is the great game he has done, “he praised his teammate.” Whenever he goes out, he leaves his life, “he said.

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