Season break in Regionalliga Nordost – Viktoria Berlin before promotion

The season in the Regionalliga Nordost, which has been interrupted since November, is unlikely to continue. This was announced by the Northeast German Football Association (NOFV) on Wednesday evening after a video conference with representatives of all the clubs in the Northeast relay. Accordingly, table leader Viktoria Berlin should be declared champion and move up to the 3rd division.

There will be no relegation. It is still unclear whether clubs can move up from the big leagues.

“We have a unanimous vote to end the season,” said NOFV President Hermann Winkler after the two-hour meeting. The gaming committee was instructed to prepare a corresponding resolution.

Viktoria had won all of his eleven games of the season until the season was interrupted due to the corona. The next NOFV presidium meeting will take place on April 16th.

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