“Schätze Wernitznig”: Dietmar Kühbauer reacts to confrontation

Rapid trainer Dietmar Kühbauer and WAC kicker Christopher Wernitznig have cleared their disagreement after the Bundesliga game on Sunday.

The Kronen newspaper reported on Tuesday of a cabin aisle confrontation between Kühbauer and Wernitznig. Kühbauer, who put a swallow under the WAC kicker, is said to have physically “attacked” Wernitznig.

Now Kühbauer commented on the media report. “I spoke to the ‘Wuschi’ on the phone, the matter is over for us. What was written has nothing to do with ‘Wuschi’ or me. It has to do with another person. That something happened was not for me surprising, “said Kühbauer to the courier. He was probably playing on a less rosy relationship with the CrownReporter in Carinthia.

But Kühbauer does not deny the confrontation: “I told him that wasn’t okay. But I would have done that if he’d played on my team.”

Kühbauer should Wernitznig loud Crown Get on your feet and touch your hair and ears. With the following sentence: “I am ashamed to have ever met you.”

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