Schalke 04: private stroke of fate and sporting crisis! Jochen Schneider reports on his suffering

For Jochen Schneider, the time at FC Schalke 04 was extremely tough, not only because of the royal blues’ sporting crisis. Now the 50-year-old said that his wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2020.

“The diagnosis was made on Maundy Thursday, April 9th. The first major operation took place on the same day,” said Schneider, who took up his post as sports director for the miners in March 2019 image.

For weeks and months he then drove the 450 kilometers between Gelsenkirchen and Stuttgart, the home of his wife and three children, to and fro in order to get family and job under one roof.

“It’s brutal. If you’re stuck in everyday life, you somehow work,” said Schneider, who was relieved of his duties at Schalke in February: “In the summer, because of our private situation, I naturally toyed with the idea of ​​quitting. But after Clemens Tönnies and Peter Peters were gone, I couldn’t leave Schalke. We were only two board members and the challenges were immense. “

Schneider’s wife had to endure four operations. Fortunately, she is fine today, the tumor has been removed successfully. For Schneider, in addition to his family, the former Schalke boss Tönnies was of great help.

Schneider: “Tönnies was on the mat with breakfast”

Schneider also thanked all the employees at Schalke: “They were all very empathetic and gave us incredible support. You could feel what Schalke is all about.”

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