Schalke 04, news and rumors: S04 is probably looking for a sports director and sports director

Schalke 04 is probably not only looking for a sports director, but also a sports director. Three players could eat up almost half of the squad’s budget in the coming season. Thomas Reis wants S04 and BVB as opponents. All news about Schalke 04.

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Schalke 04 is probably not only looking for a sports director, but also a sports director. According to the kicker, a new man is to be installed as a link between the team and the board.

When looking for the new sports director at Schalke, an internal favorite emerges: Peter Knäbel. After the refusals of Ralf Rangnick and Rouven Schröder, Knäbel should have the best cards for the job. The report kicker and the image consistent.

Accordingly, the search for a new, external sports director has recently become extremely difficult. Due to the public rejection, a newcomer would start as a B or even C solution in Gelsenkirchen – a tough mortgage.

Schalke 04, News: S04 is looking for sports director and sports director

In the event of relegation, the Royal Blues will have to cut their squad budget drastically. Currently this is around 70 million euros, according to the image this would have to be reduced to 20 to 30 million euros in the 2nd Bundesliga.

The problem: With Ralf Fährmann, Matija Nastasic and Mark Uth there are three players in the squad whose salaries could exceed such a budget. According to the report, Fährmann (2.5 million), Nastasic (3) and Uth (4) already have almost half of their budget with their salaries.

Sales would be desirable from Schalke’s point of view. However, it is far from certain that the miners will actually get rid of the three top earners. The sponsorship contract with Gazprom is also a source of confusion: The contract does not apply to the 2nd division. It is still unclear whether the Russian company will remain as a sponsor.

Schalke 04, News: Reis wants Schalke and Dortmund as opponents

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