Schalke 04 – Knäbel: “Most of the planning” for the 2nd Bundesliga

The new sporting director Peter Knäbel plans at Schalke 04 in view of the almost hopeless situation on the basis of relegation to the 2nd Bundesliga.

“Most of the planning is now concentrated on the second division, you have to be so honest,” he said kicker: “But very clearly: Of course we still make sure that our decisions would also make sense in the event of relegation.”

Knäbel would like to have clarity quickly on all of the personnel issues in the sporting management level. Above all, the Rangnick cause moves the club, “you can feel that clearly,” said the 54-year-old. He has “the greatest respect for Ralf Rangnick’s expertise and what he has achieved so far,” continued Knäbel. It is generally a matter of finding a solution “for the benefit of the club” for the post of sports director.

He himself has no problem moving back into the second link. “At the moment I have overall responsibility for sport, that’s right, but basically I wasn’t called to anything. So there is no place that I have to vacate. As a result, I am not worried about loss,” said Knäbel. He is also “very happy” with his original role as Technical Director for Young Talent and Development.

As long as he is responsible, however, he will not shy away from “making decisions that are right for Schalke 04 in the medium and long term and regardless of person,” said the former director of professional football at Hamburger SV. “Not to take decisions in hand or only half-heartedly would be absolutely irresponsible and fatal.”

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