Schalke 04 – hot spots after relegation: “Emotional damage”, player migration and financial debacle

FC Schalke 04 are relegated to the 2nd division for the first time in 30 years. The future of the Ruhrpott giant is more uncertain than ever. SPOX and goal illuminate the royal blue focal points.

Last Tuesday, FC Schalke 04 wrote one of the most devastating chapters in its long club history. The fourth relegation from the German upper house was sealed by a 0: 1 in Bielefeld, afterwards frightening scenes played out at the Schalke Arena.

A video that made the rounds on Twitter documented only the beginning of what was happening, people hurrying away could be spotted, shouts and insults could be heard. A few hours later, various voice messages were spread via WhatsApp in which alleged eyewitnesses spoke about the physical attacks on Schalke officials, which were later confirmed by sports director Peter Knäbel and team manager Gerald Asamoah.

The rage of a few supporters against their own team, which had broken through during the night, formed the sad climax of a disastrous season.

What will happen next in terms of the players, the coach and the financial situation in the 2nd Bundesliga?

Schalke 04 – Focus 1: Fan aggression causes “emotional damage”

Schalke icon Asamoah stepped in front of the Bielefelder Alm SkyCameras when the last ounce of hope had died. With tears in his eyes, he gave deep insights into his world of emotions: “We already knew what to expect. But when you realize now that it is over, it is already brutal.”

Asamoah is likely to have hit even worse what was waiting for him and the other S04 protagonists when he returned to Gelsenkirchen. At a press round on Wednesday, the former national player spoke about the events at the Schalke stadium. “I’m still not doing so well,” he said and revealed: “I wasn’t hit myself. I have different images in my head: an employee was lying on the floor and was kicked.”

In addition, he will never forget “Bujo’s fear in the eyes”, said Asamoah with a view to assistant coach Mike Büskens. The day before, a player who wanted to remain anonymous had already joined Sport1 spoken. “The fans attacked us. From then on we just ran. That was fear, pure fear!” He said. “I’m shocked and don’t know how we can play the next games.”

Said professional complained that he and his teammates had faced the dicey situation in the first place. “The club said that there would only be a short exchange. The police were waiting downstairs during this time.” From the supposed exchange, however, a hunt developed.

Knäbel also questioned the fact that the police were waiting “downstairs” and did not take them to the premises. “Why the police didn’t come in with me is a question that we have to work up again internally.” According to Knäbels information, those affected are largely doing well, apart from “bruises and minor injuries”. The former HSV boss added tellingly: “I think the emotional damage is greater.”

The Gelsenkircheners don’t get too much money from transfer fees. Omar Mascarell said in the ASthat he wanted to look for “a new adventure elsewhere”, Suat Serdar, whose contract is still valid until 2022, could still generate a relatively high amount. For that, however, he would have to go after the season.

He recently made no secret of the fact that he didn’t want to stay at Schalke forever. “In the long term, I want to play the Champions League and win titles as long as possible,” he said SportPicture. The miners are dependent on sales, potential buyers’ clubs are aware of this, which puts S04 in an awkward negotiating position.

Knäbel wants to hold talks with the players and their advisors in the coming days and weeks in order to sound out the future. “We need a good mix of young and old. We have to do a lot, but also make sure that it fits. The upheaval is very great,” he said in an interview with the club’s own broadcaster.

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