Scandal in Qatar: more than 6,500 migrant workers died since the beginning of the works for the World Cup

Soccer stadium for the World Cup in Qatar.

More than 6,500 migrant workers have lost their lives in Qatar since 2010, when the country was designated headquarters of the 2022 World Cup and launched the construction of large infrastructures for the appointment, as revealed The Guardian.

Migrants from Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh They travel to the emirate to work on the construction of stadiums to host the matches, but also hotels, airports or transport lines.

The figures have been obtained through the records carried out by these five countries, but the last months of 2020 and so far in 2021 remain out of the equation, as well as workers of other nationalities, who are also very numerous, such as Kenyans or Filipinos, so the figure is higher.

India is the country that has registered the highest number of deaths with 2,711, followed by Nepal (1,641), Bangladesh (1,018), Pakistan (824) and Sri Lanka (557).

The authors clarify that it is impossible to know how many of these occupational accidents have occurred in works started up by the organization itself, which it only recognizes 37 deaths, of which 34 “would not be related to work”, a figure that experts do not consider to be true.

“It is likely that many workers have died in these infrastructure projects for the World Cup”, has pointed to The Guardian FairSquare Projects Director Nick McGeehan.

McGeehan leads an organization of lawyers who are experts in labor rights in the countries of the Persian Gulf and has stressed that “a very significant proportion” of the deceased were solely due to the works of the World Cup.

Qatar has more than two million migrants working in the country. According to these calculations, 12 of them would die each week.

Most are classified as “natural deaths”, motivated by heart or respiratory failure, and without performing autopsies on the body, although there have also been suicides or deaths from traffic accidents. One of the causes of part of the deaths would be the high temperatures in the country.

The Government of Qatar has apologized to The Guardian in a statement in which they assure that the number of deaths “is proportionate to the size of the migrant workforce” and that the figures include workers who die of natural causes after living many years in the emirate.

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