Santiago Abascal and Rocío Monasterio, in the Vallecas Stadium box … on the return from Zozulya

Rocío Monasterio and Santiago Abascal at the Vallecas rally.

Santiago Abascal Y Rocío Monastery, two of the leaders of the Vox political party, they have returned to Vallecas. This time it was not for a political rally, but as guests in the VIP box of the Vallecas Stadium to see the match between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete.

The media specialized in information about the Franco-red team Unión Rayo has shared the image of the Vox leaders with the president of the club, Raúl Martín Presa. An image that it has not sat well with Rayo fans, generally with a marked left-wing profile, in a game in which, in addition, it meant the return of a staunch enemy of the rayistas: Roman zozulya.

The Ukrainian player was a member of the Madrid entity in 2017, but his time in Vallecas barely lasted a few weeks, after some Zozulya’s ties to a neo-Nazi party in his country.

Such is a confrontation between player and fans that in the confrontation between Rayo and Albacete -with Zozulya in their ranks- last 2019, the Bukaneros, the most ultra faction of Vallecano fans, dedicated several chants insulting him for his alleged political leanings.

For their part, Abascal y Monasterio’s last visit to Vallecas was not pleasant either. On the occasion of a political rally that they went to celebrate the Madrid neighborhood. However, these ended up being victims of the throwing of different objects by a group of people, mobilized in part by the Bukaneros, shouting “fascists out of our neighborhoods!” or “Madrid will be the tomb of fascism.”

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