Sancet breaks it before his fetish rival

They usually say that there is no worse wedge than that of the same wood. Is what you should think Osasuna every time he has in front of Oihan sancet, which in the summer of 2015 changed Chopping for Lezama. In recent times, the Navarrese club has made it official that it has been charging a total of 300,000 euros for that movement. The midfielder has his ex’s measure taken. This is what he has been showing since he debuted in the elite in 2019-20. Every time they cross their paths it leaves a notch. Or three.

The hat trick in The Sadar It was the summum. Adding to his repertoire the goal that is required of any footballer who prowls rival areas. Killing instinct. And that the night started crooked. Sancet He wasted a heads up after 6 minutes. He sought the dribble because he did not dare to shoot and Sergio Herrera He took the ball from him. Shortly after, the rojillos would go ahead on the scoreboard through the mediation of Kike Garcia.

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Then began the recital of Sancet. The tables were born in a book against the Athletic, with Victor putting genesis on the crescent of your area. Berenguer gave it sparkle and quality, Williams he placed a measured center and the midfielder headed the net ahead of his pair. The comeback came in the 25th minute after a long combination from Bilbao. From Marcos and attended and Oihan holed.

He savored the triplet on a pass behind Berenguer, after individual play, but David garcia cut an extremis. Of course, he removed the thorn when he finished off at pleasure and with the outside another candy from Berenguer. He even brushed the room with his left foot. He was left in a hat trick, the first of his career, against his fetish rival. And is that Sancet already scored before Osasuna last season in San Mamés, also with assistance from Barañain, and in 2019-20 he gave an assistance to Iñaki Williams in The Sadar.

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