Sampoli, rebound in sight?

Atletico Mineiro is seriously starting to get annoyed with the situation around Jorge Sampaoli, a priority target for Olympique de Marseille in his quest for a new coach. 0comment Atletico Mineiro is seriously starting to annoy the situation around Jorge Sampaoli, Olympique de Marseille’s priority target in his quest for a new coach. Nasser Larguet may have all the trouble in the world to raise the bar of a Olympic Marseille adrift and unable to win any Ligue 1 match for nearly a month and a half, Marseille leaders do not seem in a hurry to install the successor of André Villas-Boas on the bench of Ciel et Blanc. Fifteen days have passed since the thunderous departure of the Portuguese technician and the Olympians fans still see nothing coming. This wait-and-see attitude nevertheless pleads in favor of the arrival of Jorge Sampaoli, considered the priority target of Pablo Longoria since Maurizio Sarri pushed back the advances of the vice-champions of France. Because if the Argentinian technician seems interested in the Marseille project, and this despite the recent upheavals experienced by the Marseille club, it is certain since the beginning of the exchanges between the two parties that the current coach of Atletico Mineiro will not leave his post before the end of the season in Brazil, on February 26th. .pepsia {margin-bottom: 15px; } Atletico Mineiro is losing patience As for what follows, the main party has carefully maintained the vagueness. And this despite a contract that ends at the end of the year. “I don’t know if I’m going to complete my contract. Football is changing all the time, he said. It’s very unstable, especially in this country. The trainer does not last long. It only remains for me to think about the next match, to try to win and to go as high as possible in the standings. You can’t predict the rest. Because if you look at what’s going on with all the coaches here in Brazil, it’s very unstable. “And the former coach of the Albiceleste perhaps did not believe so well. Because according to Globoesporte, while the discussions would intensify between the staff of OM and Jorge Sampaoli, the leaders of Atletico Mineiro would get more and more annoyed with the situation. So much so that they would think about taking the lead and terminating their coach’s contract at the end of the season. And the scenario appears all the more likely since his successor has already been found in the person of Renato Gaucho, currently stationed at Gremio. Read also:
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