Salah proclaims himself “the best in the world” to scare Madrid ahead of the Champions League final

Mohammed Salahstriker of Liverpoolhas crowned himself as “the best in the world in my position” two weeks before the Champions League final that will face the ‘reds’ on May 28 in Paris with the real Madrid.

“If you compare me to any player in my position, not only in my team but in the world, you will find that I am the best,” Salah told ‘beIN Sports’.

Salah empirically defends his claim that “I am the best in the world in my position”

The 29-year-old Egyptian striker defended his commented phrase “I am the best in the world in my position” by appealing to the numbers: “I always concentrate on my work, I give my best and my numbers are the best proof of my words” .

Those numbers that Salah uses to try to prove empirically that he is the best footballer in the world in his position are his 30 goals (22 in the Premier League and 8 in the Champions League) and 16 assists of this season.

Salah’s goal (0-2) in Inter Milan 0-2 Liverpool

On his way of approaching and understanding football, Salah, a former player for Al Mokawloon, Basel, Chelsea, Fiorentina and Roma, explains that “I like to always create a new challenge for myself, work in a different way and make a difference. That is my duty”.

Salah doesn’t forget: “I remember the last Champions League final against Real Madrid as if it were yesterday”

Salah admitted to ‘beIN Sports’ that “I remember the last Champions League final against Real Madrid as if it were yesterday”.

“I feel very excited to face them again in the final against Real Madrid. We want to do well this time. When I left the field in the last final, it was sad for me, but I had to accept it and move on. That’s why we won the Champions League a year later,” said the Egyptian striker.

Salah does not forget the defeat against Madrid in the 2018 Champions League final: What happened?

Mohamed Salah has engraved in his memory the Champions League Final played on June 26, 2018 in kyiv between Liverpool and Real Madrid, and that decanted 3-1 on the side of the merengue team to raise ‘the thirteenth’.

That game is a bitter memory for Salah due to the defeat against Madrid and the shoulder injury that occurred in a play with Sergio Ramos that forced him to leave the game.

Salah’s injury after a struggle with Sergio Ramos

In Egypt called Sergio Ramos a “butcher” and in Liverpool they accused the Spanish defender of deliberately injuring Salahwhich promises sports revenge.

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