Sachsenpokal: Lok Leipzig vs. Dynamo Dresden now in the live ticker – 3-0

In the semi-finals of the Sachsenpokal, Lok Leipzig will meet Dynamo Dresden today. Can the third division team live up to their role as favorites? Here you can follow the match in the live ticker.

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56 .: It stays that way – Lok has his foot on the gas and is just getting closer to the fourth hit than the guests to the connection.

52 .: Flank from the left onto a free-standing ziane. But the head fails on Kiefer from seven meters in a half-right position.

Sachsenpokal: Lok Leipzig vs. Dynamo Dresden now in the live ticker – 3: 0 (2: 0)

46 .: Toooorrrr !!! LOK LEIPZIG – Dynamo Dresden 3-0 – scorer: Sascha Pfeffer (penalty kick). Pfeffer loads jaws from the point and hits the lower right corner easily.

46 .: And again it goes very quickly towards the guest gate – Ziane has another chance, but is cleared by the newly substituted Weyh – penalty!

46 .: Change at Dresden: Kenny Weyh comes for Hollenbach.

Halftime: Lok Leipzig launched a rocket and then hit a second time with great efficiency. Dynamo was caught on the wrong foot and was very sluggish in the game. The bottom line was that Lok could have topped it up at least once and was the better team. Dynamo, on the other hand, has to come up with something – counterattacking and hitting long balls forward will probably not be enough.

45th + 3: And then it’s halftime!

38 .: The guests are now increasing the pressure a little, but the flanks from the half-field are simply not a threat to.

33 .: Piplica reaches too hard with a tackle and sees the first yellow card of the game.

Sachsenpokal: Lok Leipzig vs. Dynamo Dresden now in the live ticker – kick off 2nd half

28 .: Tooooorrrr !!! LOK LEIPZIG – Dynamo Dresden 2: 0 – Goalscorer: Djamal Ziane. Long ball forward to Nattermann, who pulls to the right and then crosses into the middle at the height of the penalty area. There he finds Ziane, who takes the ball down well with his chest and then closes it from a half-left position in the lower right corner – Kiefer is on, but does not hold it.

24 .: Surprise! The supervisors can manage Kulke again. He stays in the game. We will have to continue to monitor this, especially since a substitute was already standing by.

22 .: And again, Kulke is lying! Again he tries a duel and injures himself. This time it will probably not go on.

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