Ryan joins the party

Matt ryan crossed the whole field when Aritz elustondo, a fatigue partner in defense, marked the victory of Real in Granada with his second goal. It is possible that when, eight minutes after his debut as txuri urdin, he conceded his first goal, somewhat circus because he did it Guevara, the Australian would not have imagined that the night would end in such a happy way. Aritz he cursed his luck, in fact, for such a disastrous start to the game. 75 minutes later, Ryan joined the party formed by the Real players in a corner of Los Cármenes to celebrate a tremendous victory.

If on Sunday they were against Sevilla Lobete or Valera, which they repeated yesterday, Ryan It was yesterday the most faithful exponent in charge of transmitting that the success of the Real is choral. As far as the pieces go, the gear does not suffer. It is undoubted that the moment that the team lives cannot be understood without the contribution of footballers who are world figures such as Merino, Oyarzabal or Isak, but the triumph of the Real is the one of the club idea. An idea that Imanol develops as an enlightened prophet, offering the feeling that everything he touches turns to gold. Yesterday he reached his 50th win with Real in the First Division, a milestone that only Benito Díaz, Toshack, Ormaetxea and Andoni Elizondo have achieved in the history of the club. It’s not by chance.

The technician made his debut Ryan against Granada when almost nobody expected it. It wasn’t a surprise either. The comfortable thing for everyone would have been that Moya continue in the shadow of Remiro because the coexistence was good, but a more real competition was sought with the Australian, who yesterday got on the train of illusion that is now the Royal Society.

And I go in Robert navarro as headline, and they came out Lobete and Valera, and was injured Sorloth but the Royal continued to seek victory. Success can have many faces but at Real it is collective. That of a game model in which everyone feels the same. With ambition perspiring from every pore. And in which, whoever enters, feels part of some automatisms that, when the situation seems most extreme, take the team out of any quagmire, which feels that this way of doing and playing always protects them.

Voraciously for the triumph

When Ryan he was about to deflect the penalty that he threw at him Luis Milla You may have thought there was no time for more. The final 20 minutes allowed him to discover that this Real is a fantastic adventure. That when he was injured Sorloth and historically any other generation txuri urdin would have prepared for the final siege of Granada, surely with a fatal outcome, this team understood that it was time to launch voraciously, as it did Elustondo at 2-3, towards victory. And of course, to Matt ryan He had no choice but to join the party. And he crossed the entire field to celebrate.

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