Rurik Gislason at Let’s Dance: Sex symbol, gin lover – and now dancer – the hype train is back

The hype began in Russia: Rurik Gislason became a coveted item for female soccer fans at the 2018 World Cup.

He has already ended his career as a footballer, but Rurik Gislason is causing a stir again – by participating in a TV show.

For Rurik Gislason it is slowly becoming a habit that a huge hype arises around himself – but lately less and less because of his skills as a footballer. In 2018, the Icelander quickly became a star on the Internet during the World Cup, and almost three years later he is again in the spotlight of the tabloids.

The reason for this is his participation in the dance show “Let’s Dance”, where he received the best reviews after a very short time. “If you step on the gas, you can become the best dancer we’ve ever had in ‘Let’s Dance'”, judged juror Motsi Mabuse, for example. But in addition to his dance skills, there is another aspect that increases the hype about Gislason: Many women like him.

If you search for #RurikGislason on Twitter during the shows, you will find countless posts in which the 1.84 meter tall Icelander is almost adored. “How can one man look so good?”, “Actually you could give Rurik the trophy and just show him for the rest of the season” or “Oh my god! This guy has something, those eyes …” are just a few examples.

On the other hand, if you look for posts about the footballer Gislason, you find it incredibly difficult. Since he took part in the World Cup three years ago, there hasn’t been much of him on the pitch.

Rurik Gislason: End of career after Zoff in Sandhausen

Very few people noticed that he ended his career at the age of 32 in November. After the tournament in Russia, Gislason continued to lace his shoes for SV Sandhausen in the 2nd Bundesliga.

There, however, he moved more and more into the second tier and was only on the field 13 times in the 2019/20 season. As a result, the sand houses did not offer him a contract extension, which is why the right midfielder was without an employer from July and ended his career entirely a few months later.

“I decided some time ago that I would quit,” he said at the time to media representatives in his home country. “This is a big step for me, and I do not rule out that I will put the shoes on again at some point. But not now.”

The farewell to Sandhausen went with a lot of background noise on the stage. Gislason described the then SVS coach Uwe Koschinat, among other things, as a “depraved character” because he allegedly unjustifiably excluded him from team training.

After three years and sporadic periods of work at the club, Sandhausen brought him, where the 53-time national player was able to play in the World Cup squad and in the summer of 2018 received worldwide (unexpected) attention in one fell swoop. In the first group game against Argentina (1: 1), Gislason was substituted on and – as is now the case with “Let’s Dance” – it was particularly popular with the female audience.

“How can you be so beautiful”, for example, the Brazilian top model and TV star Gabriela Lopes asked her fans. #sexyrurik became a trend on social media and for Gislason the whole thing took on incredible proportions. Before the finals in Russia, less than 40,000 people were interested in his posts on Instagram, while the number of followers rose to over a million over the course of the tournament.

Rurik Gislason and the 2018 World Cup hype: #sexyrurik

He tried not to focus on it, he protested at the time and promised: “It won’t distract me!” Of course, it had a positive side effect for him and Gislason, who has been in a relationship with the Brazilian model Nathalia Soliani since 2019, used his reach for other projects.

In addition to his fashion brand “BÖKK”, he and his friends brought his own gin to the sale. “The Glacier Gin” should help to share the purity of Iceland’s nature with the world, according to her approach. A 700 milliliter bottle of “Gin of the Month” from November of the previous year costs 35 euros.

Gislason is also involved in politics, who described himself as “strong in opinion” on RTL and believes that there is always room for improvement there. That is why he even ran for parliamentary elections in his home country four years ago. Oh yes, and now he’s also making music.

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