Rubiales guarantees that Cala and Diakhaby will have “the same treatment” in the organs of the RFEF

The president of the RFEF Luis Rubiales appears to announce the measures adopted by the coronavirus

The president of the Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF), Luis rubiales, has stated this Friday that both Juan Cala What Mouctar Diakhaby “They will have the same treatment in the federative bodies” on the episode related to an alleged racist insult by the Cádiz defender towards the Valencian player during the match between the two teams on April 4.

This has been expressed on the occasion of an informative meeting of Europa Press Andalucía, held in Seville, by the Cajasol Foundation and with the sponsorship of Atlantic Copper, Cepsa and Vir Laboratories, with the participation also of the Minister of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, Javier Imbroda.

In a dialogue format moderated by the delegate of Europa Press Andalusia, Francisco Morón, Rubiales and Imbroda have presented in this forum the final of the Copa del Rey soccer that is played this Saturday by Fútbol Club Barcelona and Athletic Club de Bilbao at the Cartuja Stadium, which already hosted the edition two weeks before 2020 of the final of the same competition.

Rubiales has pointed out that “what I say or do is going to be understood outside of my powers, so I must stay out of the competition bodies”. The president of the Spanish Football Federation has highlighted the work carried out by the RFEF since the end of that meeting. “There is a complaint and a person who has all the right in the world to be treated with the presumption of innocence. Like every Monday, the Federation met its Integrity Committee, which transferred to the Competition Committee, which meets every Wednesday. . “, he added, while emphasizing that the marked procedures are being followed.

In any case, these are “specific events”, on which “I should not pronounce myself on my condition of president, but I can assure that both parties will have all the guarantees in this process”.

For his part, the Andalusian Minister of Education and Sports has stressed that “It is not fair that for a specific case, where the presumption of innocence must intervene, a general cause is made.” “Of the tens of thousands of matches that take place every weekend, in one of them, one seems to have said or that the other understood him and that cause covers the rest like a cloud.” “I appeal to society. We are not a racist society; there are specific cases, which may be”, Imbroda added.

The matter in question has its origin in an accusation of the central Valencia, who pointed out to the Andalusian of having called him “black shit” during a set of the meeting, which caused him to decide to leave the field of play, accompanied by the rest of his classmates. The Cadista player denied at all times having addressed himself in those terms, assuring that the French defender had “invented” it or had “misunderstood” it.

The RFEF Competition Committee decided to open a disciplinary file on Wednesday of last week, while LaLiga initiated the day after the meeting an internal investigation procedure to clarify what had happened, although it has finally found no evidence to accuse Cala .

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