Rubiales continues to criticize a hypothetical Superliga

The president of the Real spanish soccer federation, Luis rubiales, has warned this Thursday that the creation of a Super league as claimed by various clubs it would be “irreversible damage to European sport”. It is not the first time he has spoken out against it.

“It would go against the European Union’s own rules to create something separate from the current competition model,” he added in Zaragoza after a meeting with the mayor, Jorge Azcón, to discuss the possibility of building a new football stadium, in that the Aragonese capital host a match of the national team and the centenary events of the Aragonese Federation that will take place next year.

“In the end, football is understood as a pyramid where the important thing is the base, girls and boys teams, where there are hobbies in towns and the beauty of football is that from the last boy and girl who participate in a competition it is connected with the team that wins the Champions League. We understand this model of climbing the ladder on its own sporting merits as the only one possible. Other clubs have understood it, in our opinion, in the wrong way, “he stressed.

Rubiales thinks that the current competitive framework must “continue to be promoted”, something in which the Spanish Federation has been “very clear” and has pointed out that, although statements have recently been made on the issue of the Super League, it will not enter ” in crosses of twitts and opinions against those who defend something else “.

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