Ronaldo’s project at Valladolid falters: “I bought the club with money from my pocket, there is no external investment”

The president of Real Valladolid, Ronaldo Nazario, at the press conference.

Ronaldo Nazario you can see how one of his latest projects, the one that has focused his entire life in these years, fails miserably. This Saturday the permanence in First is played, and for this they need to beat Atlético de Madrid (which can be proclaimed League champion) and that their rivals do not.

To descend to Second, thus consummating one of the strongest business defeats of his career. Ronaldo is already receiving furious criticism from the fans, especially for his attitude in the last games, in which he directly disappeared. The photos in Formentera passing a few days has not been the image that pucelan fans expected of their president when so much is at stake.

In fact, the Valladolid supporters have requested a meeting with him to demand explanations:

Ronaldo has taken the presidency of Valladolid like a very personal dream, but not surprising to many who have known him. From being a legend on the field to becoming a manager who rubs shoulders with his good friend Florentino Pérez (who has helped him from outside), is a natural step for many of his friends.

This radical change in his life is about ‘Ronaldo: The President ‘, a documentary series that has premiered DAZN within his productions ‘DAZN Originals’, which has 6 episodes. In it, they review the career of ‘O Fenómeno’, without avoiding controversial issues such as the involvement of several players from their club in the ‘Oikos case‘.

Despite the criticism, Ronaldo plays a lot out of his pocket. “Me I bought the club with money from my pocketThere is no external investment, there is no investment fund, I have no partners. It’s a project of mine and I love it that way, “he explains in the first chapter of the series. The dream of seeing himself on the throne of a club was already coming. “Within the Brazilian team we already called him ‘President’. There was already that joke, for being the person he is, for his importance. Ronaldo lived it all within a club, “he points out. Dida.

The courage to dare to change sides in a football club is something that only a select few can do. Pep Guardiola, who was Ronaldo’s teammate at Barcelona, ​​understands why. “All these people who are so good at soccer is because they are very intelligent, they are very intuitive. These people have something special, which makes them see things that others do not see, and it is good that people of this caliber, empathetic, and who have been so important to football continue to be linked to him, “says the Manchester City manager.

From his time as a footballer, one of those who best understood him (with his strengths and weaknesses) was his good friend Roberto Carlos. They became almost brothers, accomplices for life in what could come to light … and what could not. “Everything that Ronaldo does, he does well,” says the ex-lateral, before making some confessions. “I slept more with Ronaldo than with my own wife. I’ve done everything with Ronaldo. With limits and without limits. But we have done it all. Since 1993, he has been my brother, “he remembers fondly.

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