Ronaldo: “I apologize to all mothers for my 2002 haircut”

Ronaldo and Rivaldo, with the World Cup in Japan.

Footballers’ haircuts are often copied by their young fans. They try to imitate the style of their idols … although the resulting aesthetic is not always to everyone’s liking. That’s what happened to the haircut of Ronaldo Nazario at the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.

The Brazilian popularized a shave that left only a curtain on the front of his head: “Horrible. I apologize to all the mothers who saw their children get the same haircut“he commented, in Sports Illustrated.

The forward says that he did it to divert attention from the injury he suffered before the semifinal of that World Cup: “The journalists saw my haircut and forgot about the injury.”

19 years later, Ronaldo is at the helm of Real Valladolid, a team he hopes to keep in the elite, but in his own way: “I want to be close to the players and see what they need, but I try not to get too close, to stay in my place. . I don’t want to be the president who says: I want this and that, if not, I’ll miss you“, bill.

“I want to make this club much better and bigger than when I received it. After that, we’ll see. For now, it’s just to keep working and keep the club in the First Division,” he adds.

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