Ronaldo explains curious haircut at the 2002 World Cup

In addition to his winning goals in the 2002 World Cup final for Brazil against Germany, star striker Ronaldo was remembered by the fans mainly because of his unusual hairstyle. He now regrets this.

“It was terrible,” said Ronaldo (44) about his baldness at the time with short hair only on the front part of his skull in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “I apologize to all the mothers who saw their children get the same haircut,” added the top scorer at the World Cup in Japan and South Korea (eight goals).

He also explained why he had opted for this extraordinary head of hair. In the end, it was simply a red herring for the press!

Before the semi-final against Turkey, Ronaldo sustained a muscle injury. And since he wanted to avoid talking about it in advance, he came up with the haircut: “So I cut my hair.”

The teammates from Selecao were less enthusiastic about the new look of their top striker: “I saw my teammates and asked: ‘Do you like it?’ They said, ‘No, it’s awful! Cut it off!’ “

Ronaldo: World Cup hairstyle served its purpose

However, the hairstyle always served its purpose: “The journalists saw my haircut and forgot about the injury,” said Ronaldo.

One day later, Ronaldo scored the winning goal against Turkey and then both goals in the final victory over the DFB team, making Brazil world champions for the fifth time.

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