Ronald Koeman’s continuity will be assessed in October

The anger of President Joan Laporta at the end of the Barcelona games are already recurring. They have been evidenced after the strong bump of Bayern (0-3) in Europe and have lasted in the League after not being able to subdue a Granada (1-1) who played in their field the entire match. There is in the board, meeting with concern at the end of the two duels, the conviction that Koeman is not the ideal man to lead the project. Because it is often far from ideas cruyffistas that both convince Laporta and the Barça team and because the best football and the results came when the club referred to his teachings. Well evolved, these, by technicians like Rijkaard and Guardiola. They also know, however, that the team gives for what it gives waiting to recover troops, so for the moment Koeman has several extra balls, favored by the economic instability of the club. At least until after the October break.

It happens that the Camp Nou does not seem to have much patience either, because against Granada they dedicated the first whistle to Koeman as a coach – he already did when he arrived as a player, but Ronald silenced the stadium with the passage of the games – by replacing Balde with Mingueza . The whistles were lowered later because it was understood that it was due to injury. In the offices they summarize it like this: “When things don’t go well, people get nervous and look at the coach. But this has only just begun and there is no rush. It is not so serious and we are not yet in this scenario ”. They are, yes, grateful to Koeman’s behavior, eager for calm. “Even if it’s not chicha”, they joke.

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From the sports area they praise him: “Koeman has shown like few others to be a club man.” They are aware that in his first term he did not receive the signings he demanded and that in the second he no longer has capital players like Messi and Griezmann, nor footballers who put the stamp like Iniesta or Xavi. “This is not the Barça of eight years ago,” Koeman resolved to defend himself from the draw against Granada, to try to explain that without players with that foot it is more than difficult to deliver precise and diligent balls due to the lack of space.

And the Dutch coach continued: “It is not the game we want. We played 4-3-3 in the first half, but we didn’t have speed on the wing because Coutinho is on the inside and Demir is not going deep either. It is so. With Ansu and Dembélé it’s different because you have depth. And since there are none, other ways must be sought … ”. Arguments that do agree with those of the sports area, since they understand that there are many pieces missing to assess the technician in the right measure because in the first year he uncorked the best version of Ansu Fati until his injury, Pedri, De Jong … sports city argue: “That is why it is still too early to consider the hypothesis that it does not continue. We are going to wait for the evolution of Coutinho, in addition to the arrivals of Dembélé and Ansu… They give another profile to the team and they will be decisive ”.

That is what Koeman tried to analyze after the stake against Granada: “If you see the list, the summoned… What do you have to do? Play tiqui-taqui [en vez de tiqui-taca] where there is no space? No. I think we had to change the style. We don’t have one-on-one players and speed either… I’m not going to say more ”. So Barça threw 54 centers – since 2016, when he did not express himself so assiduously on the sides, when he launched 55 against Malaga – and only Araujo put the finishing touch, denied Memphis, Luuk De Jong and even Piqué, who came out as forward center as a last resort. It happens, however, that neither the approach, nor the past line-up nor the speech has just convinced apart from the wardrobe, always predisposed to protect itself against setbacks.

Laporta already told him when he was in office that he was not “his” coach. “Fix it if you don’t love me,” the Dutchman replied, asking him not to leave him with uncertainty. But he stayed because there was no money or suitors to accept the challenge. Now, the economic problem persists, but to a lesser extent than in July, which emboldens the board and the president to put a coach on their rope. In any case, it does not seem that many technicians are adequate to the demands, with Robert Martínez firm in Belgium and Xavi in ​​Qatar. So Koeman has time because the club does not consider reviewing the situation until after the October break. Cádiz, Levante, Benfica and Atlético – just before the league firewall – will pass judgment.

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