Robin Gosens travels in the pandemic with “very uncomfortable feeling”

For national soccer player Robin Gosens, business trips in the corona pandemic are a very difficult topic. “I still have a very queasy feeling. In general, there is always the ulterior motive that traveling is just not right at the moment because too much is going wrong in the world,” said the Atalanta Bergamo left-back in an interview with tz / Munich Mercury (Thursday edition).

On the other hand, the 26-year-old “also has a positive feeling because I can be one hundred percent sure that we as professional footballers always live in a bubble. That gives me security, but the uncomfortable feeling remains. The joy of an international break is with me a bit clouded because there are so many rules and restrictions. “

Gosens believes that professional football should continue its operations during the pandemic. “I do think that we professional footballers have an important role in society – even if it’s just to distract people from everyday life,” said the native Emmerich: “Many just sit at home and are happy when they can distract themselves from it but can also understand anyone who says: Why are they allowed – and we are not? Personally, I am infinitely grateful that I am so privileged and can do my job.

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