Robert Moreno foresees “a match with a short result”

The coach of the Granada, Robert Moreno, expects for Friday at the San Mamés stadium against Athletic a “complex” match by “the stage and the rival”, in which it will be key to “score first” since he predicted “a short result match”.

dark affirmed this Thursday at a press conference that San Mamés is a “wonderful” stadium in which “matches are always difficult” because the local public “squeezes and carries” their team.

“It’s a ideal site to demonstrate growth we are having, to achieve a result that generates confidence for the distant and near future, “added the Granada coach.

The Andalusian team will try to make in San Mamés “a serious match for combat the characteristics of Marcelino’s teams, since it is always difficult to play against them and to score goals “.

dark He acknowledged that he expects “a game with a short result” in which “the key will be to score first”, and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Athletic not arriving at its best.

“I am concerned that he comes from four games of doubts because they want to please again, but it can be good for us if we also generate doubts,” he explained dark, who rated Marcelino García Toral as a “super coach”.

Regarding the virtues of the people of Bilbao, he highlighted “the defensive work they do, their transitions, the quality of Muniain, the speed of Williams, the set pieces and the lateral centers “, and added that” despite not scoring many goals this season, it is always a dangerous team. “

TO Robert Moreno is concerned about “zero” because it gives him “zero” that a defeat endangers his continuity in the Granada bench, and he made it clear that he has “a lot of confidence in the group” and that now comes a section of the season in which they have to “score points.”

“Now comes the part of the calendar in which our rivals are. That is where we are going to add the points and what is going to position us in the ascendancy that has been seen at stake and now it will be seen in results,” said the coach.

Upon the loss due to injury of several important players He affirmed that it is something that they cannot control but that they are conditioning “the results and the performance of the team.”

Moreno did not confirm the ownership of the youth squad Raúl Torrente, although he did indicate that if he took into account “the lack of experience” of the young people “none of the subsidiary would play”, and pointed out that “sometime it has to be the first.”

“I have total confidence in the kids, it is something that has marked my career. If the opportunities are not given, they will continue to play until they are 40 years old. If they are with us it is because I trust them and the teammates also trust,” he stressed.

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