Robben can’t hold back the tears on his return to the start after a six-month injury

Robben, after reappearing with Groningen

Arjen Robben has starred in the moving image of the day after his comeback in the starting XI for Groningen after a six-month injury in the dry dock from which he recovered last April. The former Real Madrid player started again this Sunday and signed an authentic exhibition with two assists to give victory to your team.

Robben suffered a calf injury that at 37 it could have cost him retirement, but the winger, as he assured after his return to the team, does not know what it is to give up. He was only part of the starting cast in his ‘re-debut’ with the team in which he made the leap to professional football and after the final whistle couldn’t hold back the tears of emotion. “I wanted so much“, affirmed the extreme.

We recall that the one who was also a Bayern Munich player announced his withdrawal from football in June 2019, when he was still in the ranks of the Bavarian team. After a year of inactivity, in the summer of 2020 he announced that he would return to the elite by the hand of the team in which he was formed, the Groningen, with whom he has barely been able to play due to the aforementioned injury.

In the interview after the last game, despite his age, he wanted to make himself available to the Dutch coach, Frank de Boer, to be at this summer’s European Championship. “If De Boer called me for the European Championship, I would say yes. It would be very nice, but you have to be realistic. I have to be healthy and fit to be able to have influence and mean something in a team like this. Somewhere in my wildest dreams would be the best“, the veteran footballer fantasized.

Robben left the Netherlands national team in October 2017, with 96 games and 37 goals behind him, after the team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Despite the fact that his presence at the European Championship is nothing more than a “wild dream”, as he himself claims, It all starts with the offer of one of the two parties … but in this case it was the player’s.

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