Remiro: “I’ve had the worst night of my life”

“I’m not going to lie to you, it was the worst night of my life.” Alex Remiro crudely admits his personal way of the cross after the serious mistake he made in the discount against Athletic and cost two points in the derby: “I couldn’t sleep, I spent my hours crying, thinking about what happened, and spending the drink “, he affirms, in an interview in the program ‘The third time’ of ‘Vamos’, in which his friend and former partner participates Miguel Angel Moyá. “I have tried to go to train with the greatest possible strength,” Cascante concludes about his state of mind, with a haggard face, visibly affected and tired, with dark circles.

Remiro don’t shy away from questions related to your blunder. The beating of Munian He was stuck, but not too far into the corner and the ball slipped when he went to clear it with his fists and took the direction of the goal: “Normally those fouls are usually dominated”, he begins Remiro his story. “Once the ball came out, I knew I had to go towards him frontally instead of laterally, but the field was wet, the ball was very fast, and it is not a ball to go with fists,” he acknowledges. In any case he decided to do it, “I don’t know why yet.” The only explanation he can find is that “I’m afraid of leaving her dead with both hands.” In any case, he hopes to learn from what happened.

The empathy of his former colleagues

After the meeting, teammates and rivals turned to him to try to console him. The words of the Athletic players and former teammates were “the ones that moved me the most because of everything that happened these years”, confesses the goalkeeper. The message they wanted to convey to him to prevent him from sinking is the following: “They tell me that I had saved the team twice and throughout the season and that I didn’t have to be like this, that I didn’t have to break down.” He thanked, above all, the empathy and understanding of his rojiblanco counterpart Unai Simon, “to whom it was his turn in last year’s derby to make a very showy mistake.”

Remiro he also wanted to explain why he exploded with joy when they expelled Iñigo Martinez: “It’s not because it’s him. I celebrate every duel that a teammate wins like Robin or Aritz, how I celebrated the cuts of rich“, he says.” I usually live the game, “he explains. And for that reason, the red to the Athletic center-back considered it as a blow in favor of his team:” I hit the ball and when we get something out of an action, as it can be a second yellow, I celebrate it, but it is because of the context of the game, not because it is Iñigo Martinez, it’s not because it’s him. ”

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