Relegation – Holstein Kiel – 1. FC Köln 1: 5: Cologne header madness! Double packer Andersson secures Effzeh the relegation

With brains to stay in the league: three header goals within ten minutes saved 1. FC Köln from relegation to the Bundesliga. The three-time champions won the relegation second leg at Holstein Kiel 5-1 (4-1) and made up for their 0-1 defeat at home in the first leg.

Two hits by Swede Sebastian Andersson in the 6th and 13th minute were the basis for the deserved success. FC captain Jonas Hector had also put his team (3rd) in the lead with a header. Lee Jae-Sung equalized for Kiel at short notice (4th), before Rafael Czichos (39th) scored again for the guests – but with a volley. Ellyes Shkiri (84th) made everything clear.

Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther had barely sipped his beer in the VIP stands, when the game had actually already run against the third division. The father of the country, wearing a flocked jersey and a fan scarf, had to watch helplessly as the hosts completely slept through the start.

Every flank, every corner kick meant danger, the defense seemed totally unsorted. The upper-class cathedral townspeople mercilessly exploited this negligence. FC coach Friedhelm Funkel almost clapped his hands sore on the sidelines.

The mood was completely different with Funkel’s coaching colleague Ole Werner. Again and again, the 33-year-old pulled his sparse hair, his calls for more concentration went largely unheard. Cologne withdrew after the quick lead, but still kept control of the game.

Serra is missing Kiel – Cologne is definitely pulling Holstein’s teeth

After the break, the West Germans gave up their style of play, which had been considered safe after the early lead, and became more offensive. The hosts had no answer to that. As in the last spurt in the second division, the burden of the numerous pandemic-related catch-up games made itself felt. Even the 2334 spectators admitted as part of a model test could not change anything.

The longer the game lasted, the more the North Germans could thank goalkeeper Ioannis Gelios that the defeat was not even more substantial. The Holstein goalkeeper prevented further goals in the course of the second half.

Relegation to the Bundesliga in the past five years

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