Refereeing scandal at FC Barcelona against PSG in the semifinals of the women’s Champions League

The FC Barcelona players protest to the referee.

The FC Barcelona and the PSG tied (1-1) in the semifinals of the Champions League female. The match was played at the Stade Georges-Lefèvre in Paris and had the Czech referee Olga Zadinova its main protagonist, due to the controversial nature of his refereeing.

The Catalans complain of three unmarked penalties in their favor, as well as a corner that has given PSG the chance to tie the game. Also from Barça they talk about a lot of permissiveness on the part of Zadinova in the hard fouls of the French team.

The play most demanded by FC Barcelona was a clear penalty from Dudek to Mapi Leon in the last blows of the first part. So were a hand from Formiga after a header from Mapi in a corner and another from Paredes after Martens shot.

Coach Lluís Cortés he had to calm his players from the sideline so that they did not lose their nerves and throw all the work done throughout the game to the ground. The tie is now open and will be decided in the second leg at the Johan Cruyff Stadium next week, while some are already talking about a referee performance orchestrated by the UEFA to give a reprimand to Barça for their participation in the birth of the Super league.

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