Referee operetta in Celta’s win against Villarreal

It was like a cloud of those that arrive in summer, which seems to form out of nowhere and release a downpour. A delicious game, full of nuances and beautiful technical actions, open and continuous arrivals to the area, was suddenly colonized by a referee overcome by events, nervous and constantly rectified by video refereeing. Then it disappeared. But everything had already been soaked by his imprint.

At a time when arbitration scandals are muted, with as much help and preparation as the referees have, a lack of control similar to that which Medié Jiménez starred in Vila-real surprises. It happened, above all, in the last ten minutes of the first half, when he pointed out a non-existent penalty in favor of Celta before which the VAR made an exit. The man explained, before the protests of the local team, his decision with gestures that did not correspond to what had happened because Asenjo did not hit Hugo Mallo with his fists, they simply collided very abruptly in the dispute for the ball. Shortly after, Medié sent off the celestial central Araújo for a treacherous entry in which he did not touch the rival and had to rectify to leave him in yellow. Fixed that mess, almost without solution of continuity he must have sprinted to the opposite area to point out a debatable foul on Brais Méndez in the front. They blew from the earpiece that it was inside.

The two penalties put Celta with two goals ahead on the scoreboard and unleashed outrage on the Villarreal bench, where Rulli and Mario Gaspar saw the red card. I measured already looked broken. Perhaps it had already been crossed from the first goal of the match, which was preceded by a very obvious foul from Nolito to Trigueros. He did not notice it live, but his partner González Fuertes sang it to him from the VAR. He went to the monitor, saw the foul, but did not annul the goal because the action had occurred at a time before the center of Aarón Martín who headed Brais Méndez to the net. In any case it was a debatable interpretation and a blow for the braid, which surely began to lose the roles.

The break calmed the situation and Celta, who had played very well in the first half, returned to finish the game with a new center from Aarón Martín finished off by Solari. Too much of a disadvantage for Villarreal, who struggled without finding a prize until three minutes from the end Kevin Vázquez pulled out his elbow to intercept a cross into the area. Medié had to see it on television before Gerard Moreno discounted (2-4).

However, the referee operetta should not detract from the performance of a team that did not require Iago Aspas, booked in the substitution due to some physical problem in a week with three games. He also did not have the injured midfielder Tapia.

He seemed disengaged from the nobility of the League, barely exposed to trying to avoid qualifying problems. It was logical to think that Celta only had to look to the bottom of the table, coming as it came from two agonizing campaigns, bottom as it was in November when Chacho Coudet took over the team. But not only has he escaped danger, but once saved he has not stopped. Perhaps the team needed, as playful as it is, to enjoy football without stress, to show itself and to like itself. And there he is, after winning at Villarreal, he looks to Europe because with nine points to play, he is five from his rival and four from Betis, who have yet to play this Monday.

Everything is adjusted in the classification and the yellow box would do well not to be distracted from the League. A motto presides over the Estadio de la Cerámica in these times of canvases and looms in the stands. “Our history, our dream. Our moment! ”He warns. There is the tasty caviar of the first title in its history, nothing less than a Europa League at hand. But, as JB Toshack said, you always have to attend to the bread and butter of the League.

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