Real Valladolid vs. Atletico Madrid: The 1: 2 (1: 0) to read in the live ticker

Atletico Madrid won 2-1 against Real Valladolid on the final day of the Primera Division and thus secured their 11th league title in club history. Here you can read the game in the live ticker.

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Conclusion: Atletico comes out of the break motivated and with a lot of foam at the mouth and thanks to a stroke of genius from Correa and a fatal buck from Valladolid’s Guardiola, exploited by Suarez, they can cheer for the fast spin. Regardless of the hustle and bustle between Real and Villarreal, Atletico gets the thing rocked in Valladolid and drives the narrow two-point lead over the royal city rivals over the finish line.

Atletico is celebrating the Spanish championship title for the eleventh time in its club history. For coach Simeone it is the second triumph after 2014 – and that after Ricardo Zamora (1939/40 and 1940/41) and Helenio Herrera (1949/50 and 1950/51) as the third Atletico coach.

90th + 4th: Off! Atletico takes the lead over time and is the new Spanish champion!

Real Valladolid vs. Atletico Madrid – 1: 2 (1: 0): Statistics for the game

90th + 2nd: Real leads 2: 1! 90 seconds left here in Valladolid, now it’s getting edgy.

90 + 1: Simeone paces up and down down there – the man is at 180. Unbelievable what kind of energy this guy has.

90 + 1: Three minutes of stoppage time – three minutes to the championship for Atletico!

89 .: Lodi only hits the outside netting from an acute angle. At the same moment, Simeone immediately sends all men back into their own half. Is this where Atletico really starts shaking again?

88 .: Real has just equalized! But if Atletico doesn’t fax now, it won’t be tight either. Actually, the Rojiblancos have everything under control.

82 .: And at Valladolid, Hervias Ruiz comes for Janko.

79 .: Simeone changes again: Kondogbia comes for Llorente.

Real Valladolid vs. Atletico Madrid: Primera Division NOW in the live ticker – final whistle

78 .: Shortly afterwards, Diaz and Joao Felix come a little too close in midfield, forehead to forehead. As a result, the Valladolid man sees Sanchez first yellow, especially because he checked Felix directly to the ground.

78 .: Atletico countered, but left the decision for the time being. Felix chips great in the run of Suarez, who is half up from the left in the penalty area. Carrasco still runs the flank, which has come a little too far, but then sets the volley right in front of the edge of the penalty area over the right corner of the goal.

76 .: With the lead in the neck, Atletico is now withdrawing into its typical defense cocoon. Two back four are now closely spaced in front of their own sixteen.

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