Real Madrid will sue Eufemiano Funtes for his insinuations during the interview with Jordi Évole

Eufemiano Fuentes, in 'Lo de Évole'

As reported Gamers, the Real Madrid will sue Eufemiano Fuentes for his statements on the LaSexta program About Évole, in which he refers to his relationship with the white set. As indicated Josep Pedrerol, the legal services of Real Madrid prepare the necessary documentation to present this claim.

The well-known communicator Jordi Évole He interviewed Eufemiano Fuentes on his program and asked him about his relationship with different football clubs. When it was the turn of the white team, to the question of “Did you advise the Real Madrid doctors?”, Fuentes paused for a very long silence before replying with a “I’m not going to answer that question” that has not been funny in the Madrid bosom.

Fuentes did not refer to any direct relationship with Real Madrid during Jordi Évole’s interview, but the white club considers that it does make a sufficiently clear hint as to take legal action.

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