Real Madrid, until the end

When Luka Modric scored in 92 and Real Madrid culminated a limit comeback of those of Bernabéu full, but without Bernabéu or public, he turned to the bench and asked how Atlético was doing. He had also come back, and Marcelo’s knees buckled and he almost fell to the ground. Madrid, all the course in tow, did not stop swimming until the last moment, to the very shore, but upon arrival, the shore was already in Valladolid.

The afternoon journey was like the course. Football, if there is time, gets messed up by ideas; if not, the goal does. At Di Stéfano, chaos broke out after a bit, but at a different stage. Óscar Plano scored to overtake Valladolid against Atlético, and the news descended from the television and radio booths to the area of ​​the stands where the substitutes sit. Even Marcelo, who put his hands to his head, incredulous, and looked to the right at Ramos, who was asking for calm, but could hardly sit up now; and he looked to the left at Rodrygo, who pulled up a seat. Then Marcelo grabbed him by the chest and shook him, as if to say: “Can you believe it?” And it was not easy, but that was the afternoon.

In that confusion, while the news continued to descend to the grass, Villarreal scored, who had not gone to Madrid to stretch their legs before their Europa League final. Gerard Moreno, an enigma for Real’s midfielders and defenders, put a ball behind the rear that Bacca and Yeremi came. The canary prodded him with the toe of his left boot, escaped from Odriozola and scored with his right over Courtois. The two candidates for the title were then behind on the scoreboard.

If Plano’s goal started the tremors in Madrid, Yeremi’s shot a colossal jolt. More than chaos, a fortuitous rush of time brought the field. Suddenly, everything seemed to be happening in the 80th minute, when an instant before it was only the 15th and Modric was beginning to clarify. Until then, the duel had not stabilized, and the intensity of the battle between Miguel, number 35, and Yeremi, number 30, on the left side of Madrid, could hardly be noted, two flashes of future fighting in the final of the League. But nothing announced the tension that immediately ensued. Parejo, Trigueros and Capoue seemed to seize the command in bursts that alternated with those of Modric, Casemiro and Valverde. Skirmishes in the middle in the scoring stage.

The goals caused everything to jump into the air, with almost no time to take note that Varane had returned to eleven after his injury, and that Ramos had remained on the bench, with Nacho. The party entered a boiling phase for Modric, who did everything, everywhere. He pressed the goalkeeper at the start, ordered his own game, took the corners, stepped on the area and made the clearest chance after a couple of dribbles.

The stands also boiled, especially since a ball hit Parejo’s fist after bouncing, inside the Villarreal area. “Mano, man!” Ramos immediately shouted, as they began to review reruns in Las Rozas. When they finished, the referee ordered to continue, and the game and the complaints from the Madrid sector of the stands continued: substitutes, injured, employees, companions. “How strange,” was heard wryly, while Lucas explained to Ramos that he believed it was a penalty. “When you want, yes; when you want, no “, summed up another masked man.

That was the temperature of a game in which Madrid celebrated to the corners, although the first half had not even finished. In the second, they kept up the acceleration and pushed Villarreal into Rulli’s goal. But neither Villarreal trembled nor Madrid finished biting. Vinicius’s shots were caresses, Militão headed out, Modric finished off without aim. Benzema did manage to hock a cross from Casemiro with a forehead. The goal brought joy to the stands and another portion of chaos to the game. The VAR started pulling lines.

In that limbo, everything happened. Isco and Rodrygo entered for Asensio and Vinicius, harmless. In that limbo, Correa also tied for Atlético. Later, Madrid continued without hitting the mark. He did not begin to do so until Suárez advanced to the rojiblancos in Valladolid, until the 85th minute was transferred at Di Stéfano. Then Benzema, in 86, and Modric, in 92, scored two goals that served for Madrid certify that he had delivered until the end of the end, and to send Villarreal, for now, to the Conference League.

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