Real Madrid territory

Courtois celebrates Madrid's move to the semifinals.

We have already drawn the semifinals of this year’s Champions and defined who are going to measure to be able to raise the Orejona and make (or re-do) history.

A first glance to verify that it is not easy or easy to survive success. Now, I know that we always talk about defeat as a great trigger for the most voracious crises, but if we see Bayern Munich, a serious club, an exemplary structure, a strictly managed economy, that after winning everything that could be won in season 19- 20 (and the competitions derived in this course) is in the middle of devouring itself internally. He is battered by struggles that are no longer internal to become a showcase for which Goya’s Cudgel Duel would be the best definition. If all this happened in Spain, in one of our clubs, we would summarize it with a “we are like this”. But it seems that they are, we are, here … and there.

If we look at Bayern’s predecessor to the Champions League throne, Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool, it seemed like he had come to stay for a long time in the Olympus of the greats. Two years later, and after countless physical calamities that have their peak in Van Dijk’s injury. The loss of their general in the field has left the reds naked on the defensive line and lost in the leadership of a team in which the intensity, the pace of the game, the speed of recovery and subsequent transition seemed to herald a new football, a spectacular new era for Anfield, something similar to that of the Dalglish, Souness and Michael Robinson.

This is an interesting reflection that leads to sustaining a winning team, with a high rhythm of play and a blazing attack in a huge, solid and pressing defense. The defensive line as a key element for a powerful attack. And it is that to attack well it is necessary to defend better. And vice versa. Two elements that are actually one: football.

If we stay with the classifieds, on the one hand a semifinal between connoisseurs of winning like Chelsea and Real Madrid but with different intensities, of course. Madrid returns to known territory and in which it has always known how to handle wonderfully. Chelsea, after many doubts in the Premier and after being the only team that invested in a big way in the last summer market, has had to resort to changing its coach to discover solidity and competitiveness.

On the other hand, PSG and Manchester City, are looking for their first Champions League, the one that would make them enter the Olympus of their clubs, of their countries, of football in a big way. More doubts in the Parisians in the weekly evolution but an enormous offensive potential and individual quality to solve any direct duel. A Manchester City that has been looking for this new step for a long time, which has all the English titles within reach and which will make the collective game its flag to be in the grand final in Istanbul on May 29.

Everyone dreams of playing that final, that last game that gives and takes away reasons. How many times have we heard, after the defeat, that of “to lose the final better not play it”. Because playing finals is dreaming, getting excited, generating happy expectations, whoever the rival in front of you is and nobody wants to dismount from those luminous sensations. See if that is valid for the semifinals, how it should be if you are already in the final and you have the possibility of playing that match that everyone dreams of.

Come on, like the Copa del Rey final in which Athletic and Barça meet again, this time on Saturday at La Cartuja. A world of expectations and emotions to be played in a game. One of those encounters in which the others are also mine. May the luck be with you.

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