Real Madrid President Florentino Perez: “Super League clubs are losing billions this season”

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has again defended the idea of ​​a Super League. In the Spanish newspaper Diario AS he warned of horrific losses at the top clubs, brought a new variant of the competition into play – and at the same time declared that the twelve founding clubs could not leave the elite league.

“We must have done something wrong,” said the 74-year-old, when asked about the severe criticism that followed the announcement of the Super League. “We’ll look at it again and compare ideas.” A couple of weeks will be taken for this. He brought a new variant into play: “Maybe the solution is to have the best four teams in each country play, I don’t know.”

In view of the financial situation of the clubs, something must be done, he insisted: For example, the auditor KPMG had found losses of 650 million euros in the twelve Super League teams in the past season alone, and only three months from the Pandemic affected. “This year, with the entire season, the losses will be between two and two and a half billion euros,” said Perez.

He referred to Girondins Bordeaux, whose management has now been taken over by the French commercial court following the withdrawal of the American owners a few days ago: “If we don’t do something soon, many clubs will go bankrupt.” The Champions League reform is not a solution, said the Real boss, it is not far-reaching enough and comes too late: “Nobody understands the format and the timing of 2024 does not fit either. Either we fix it earlier, or all clubs will be ruined. “

Perez did not want to accept the intended withdrawal of the English clubs including Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan: They could “not leave” the Super League, after all, they would have signed a binding contract. Because of public pressure, “they had to say they were getting out,” he said. He also denied the withdrawal from investment bank JP Morgan.

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