Real Madrid gets rid of the sanction: UEFA decides not to expel it from the Champions League for the Super League

Real Madrid players celebrate a goal

The Real Madrid will not be expelled from this edition of the Champions League after the UEFA Executive Committee has decided not to sanction the white club for the Super League for now. In this way, the dispute of their semi-finals against Chelsea that will begin next April 27 with the first leg.

Following the announcement of the imminent creation of the Super League, the UEFA president, Aleksander ceferin, he assured that take action against the founding clubs. Above all, against those who are still playing the Champions League: Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Since then, the option of disqualification of these teams flew over, with one of the European managers, Jesper moller, also president of the Danish Federation, stating publicly that he hoped they would be banned from their semi-final matches.

Anyway, it remains to be seen whether UEFA decides to take any disciplinary action against Real Madrid and the rest of the clubs that made up the brief Super League, although, at least, this could not be the expulsion from the tournament for this season.

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