Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in the championship conference: Primera Division NOW in the live ticker

Master fight in the Primera Division! Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will be in action simultaneously on matchday 37. You can follow the title race here in the conference live ticker.

With Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​with two game days to go in the Spanish league, three absolute top teams are still in the running for the championship title. However, only the championship leader Atletico can become champions today. Can the rojiblancos close the sack?

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Real has almost 70 percent of the ball possession in the early stages. Dangerous closing situations have not yet jumped out.

Unbelievable what Suarez is leaving here! Correa indicates the path and is served with a nice ball over the defense. In the penalty area he has the overview and lays across for Suarez, who delayed again and hits the post from six meters!

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Hermoso joins the offensive game, picks up a free ball and takes full risk 30 meters from the goal, but the shot lands in the evening sky of Madrid. We remember, the man is a trained central defender.

Williams is sent on the trip by Alvarez with a long ball, Courtois comes out and clears the situation on his own edge of the penalty area.

Suarez misses again! Atletico accelerates the pace of possession now properly, Carrasco and Koke overlap the left offensive side and finally Koke brings the ball flat to the first post. Suarez walks in and tries to stroke the ball into the goal with his heel, but Urus’ timing is not right!

Now a Messi shot from a distance: With the left from about 20 meters, the Argentine puts the ball just past the left corner into the goal.

Los Blancos try again and again with high page changes. But the home side’s two defensive back four cannot be disrupted.

Herrera holds the zero! Atletico comes over the left side, Carrasco moves between Osasuna’s chains and is served. With a bit of luck, the Belgian stumbles the ball into the penalty area to Suarez, who wants to overcome Herrera with the first contact and outside kick. The keeper makes himself big and parries strongly with his foot!

Now Real is finding its way more and more into its own system and more and more pressing the opponent into its own half. But Bilbao are also very disciplined defensively.

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in the championship conference: Primera Division today in the live ticker – before the start

Bilbao starts boldly and disturbs the guests in the construction already in their own penalty area.

In the first few minutes, both teams stay in midfield for a relatively long time. First of all, that speaks for the guests.

Wow, the referee shows the very long leash right here. Suarez is served by Carrasco and tunnels his opponent in dribbling, who then simply runs over him. Suarez falls and that is a clear foul, but the game continues.

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