RB Leipzig – Kevin Kampl exclusive: Nagelsmann? “Only exists once in world football”

Leipzig midfielder Kevin Kampl has before the away game in the Bundesliga against promoted Arminia Bielefeld (8.30 p.m.) live on DAZN and in LIVETICKER) in an interview with SPOX and DAZN Great praise for his trainer Julian Nagelsmann.

Kampl also spoke about his complicated time at BVB, the title fight against FC Bayern and the international standing of RB Leipzig.

In addition, coach Julian Nagelsmann emphasized the importance of the midfield engine for the Red Bulls’ game.

… his move in 2015 to BVB, then threatened with relegation: The signature was of course a great feeling, I had worked towards it, my goal was to get back into the Bundesliga. But it was also a strange feeling somewhere, in Austria everything went extremely well with Salzburg: We were first, were easily through in the Europa League and we won everything there. Moving to the Bundesliga for the penultimate was a bit strange at first. My first game was a draw in Leverkusen, we lost the second game at home. The mood there was of course extremely bad. In retrospect, I would say it was a very formative time for me because I also noticed how everything feels when things don’t go so well.

… Jürgen Klopp in his last half year at BVB: Nevertheless, he believed in us as a team and in the strengths of the players. Of course it was a difficult situation for every player because Dortmund didn’t belong there. We knew that we would only get out of there together and Kloppo put his heart and soul into it until the end and gave everything. He gave his whole heart to this club and passed it on to the players.

Kevin Kampl on …

… his current coach Julian Nagelsmann: I’ve never seen a coach who deals so much with football and has so much specialist knowledge at that age – that’s unbelievable and, I think, there is only one time in world football at the moment. You always think he’s been around for 20 years. He knows how to prepare the team perfectly for the games and always has good match plans. Leipzig won’t be the last step, he has a very big coaching career ahead of him.

… the question of whether Nagelsmann has what it takes to be a master coach: Why not – when you are doing so well with your team and scoring so many points? At the end of the day, of course, it’s up to us players to do well the things that he demands. There are many things involved: Sometimes you also need the luck you need. If you always have Bayern in front of you, that’s the measure of all things, that’s simply the best team in the world at the moment. It is extremely difficult to become a master, we all know that. But when you are so close to them, you want of course to try to stick with them as long as possible and – if there is a chance – to take advantage of it and to stop by. If we were to say something else, that would be a lie. But first we want to set our clear goal of the Champions League and we are well on the way to achieving it. We’re also in the cup semi-finals, so it’s only one game to go to the final. We’ve been to Berlin before and know how awesome it felt, but unfortunately we lost. This year we have the chance to really bring a title to Leipzig once.

… the title race with Bayern: The game against Bayern at home will be extremely important in order to stay tuned. But especially the games against Mainz, Bielefeld, Freiburg – you have to see that you get your points. We are of course sad that we dropped the two points against Frankfurt. Every game up to the end of the season will be like a final in order to stick with Bayern. Because we cannot hope that they will often fail, they certainly will not do that with their quality.

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