RB Leipzig boss Mintzlaff: not yet “at eye level” with Bayern

Managing Director Oliver Mintzlaff does not see RB Leipzig on the same level as the record champions Bayern Munich. “We are still a long way from being able to compete for the title on an equal footing with Bayern,” said Mintzlaff on Sunday Sport1 one-two: “We are a team that has established itself at the top in a very short time, and of course we want to top it off every year.”

In the table, RB is four points behind the leader from Munich (61 points) and could possibly endanger the class leader if Leipzig should win the direct duel on April 3 (6.30 p.m.). “If you want to be a champion, you have to win the game,” said Mintzlaff. RB is also still in the DFB Cup semi-finals.

Overall, according to Mintzlaff, Leipzig will have to take better advantage of the weak phases of the competition in the future. “You have to be there too,” he said, referring to the 1-1 draw against Eintracht Frankfurt last weekend. “We certainly played a very good game and we had the 2: 1 rather than the 1: 2 on the foot, but then also let the points lie,” said Mintzlaff: “If you really want to play for the championship, then you have to win games like this. “

Mintzlaff revealed that he had to counteract the unrest in the current season. “I also mentioned the unrest once when Julian was associated with Real Madrid and all sorts of things. That was just before the Mainz game and then I said: We need rest,” said the 45-year-old.

Mintzlaff: “People, we need rest here”

While coach Julian Nagelsmann is always traded at top international clubs, Schalke 04 was said to be interested in RB sports director Markus Krösche for the post of sports director. The latter later publicly canceled that, according to Mintzlaff, Krösche had not approached him and had not communicated any intention to change. Krösche is under contract in Leipzig until 2022, Nagelsmann even a year longer.

Meanwhile, Mintzlaff emphasized the importance of calm in the club for sporting success. “This calm that we have is certainly one of the reasons why things are going so well, along with the sporting work,” he said: “If things then get restless with issues that have nothing to do with day-to-day business, then I can do it get loud and hit the table. “

Leipzig is currently in second place in the table, four points behind leaders Bayern Munich and is still in the semi-finals of the DFB Cup.

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