Raúl, waiting for Zidane to leave Madrid: “How am I going to tell my players now that I’m leaving?”

Raúl González and Zinedine Zidane, in a file image.

“How am I going to tell my players now that I am leaving?”. So he answered Zinedine Zidane yesterday, after the match against Athletic, to the rumors that he has already made the decision to leave Real Madrid and that he had even communicated it to his players a week ago.

Zidane’s future seems, anyway, far from the Real Madrid bench. The French coach has already been leaving clues throughout the week in the press conferences that his intention is to leave and in the club environment they believe that the coach has already made the decision to leave when the season ends, as he has been able to to know 20 minutes.

As reported on Saturday by the Marca newspaper, Zizou already told his players a week ago that he would not continue to lead the white ship. However, the Frenchman strongly denied it yesterday. At least the part that he has told his footballers. “How am I going to tell my players now that I am leaving? It is a lie, I focus on the remainder of the season, there is one game left and I only care about this end with what we are playing, the rest will be seen at the end of the season “said the French annoyed.

The rumors and news about Zidane’s departure from Real Madrid have been constant throughout the weekend. Already on Friday, Telemadrid assured that the Frenchman was going to leave at the end of the season. At the press conference on Saturday, he went from leaving ambiguous sentences to one that seemed to make it very clear: “There are times when you have to be and times when you have to change for the good of all, not just mine”said the Frenchman to everyone’s surprise. “They are almost 20 years here. I can only thank this great club for signing me back in the day, because history has been very good for me,” he added. Phrases that sound like goodbye.

For now, the only thing that seems clear is that Zidane will not say anything about his future until, at least, next week, when the League ends. The Frenchman is focused on RealMadrid being champion on the last day, which ends on Sunday, and it will be then when he says what he is going to do. Will we have a third hasty goodbye from Zizou to Real Madrid?

Raul Gonzalez, coach of the Real Madrid Castilla, who fell in the first round of the promotion phase to Second division against Ibiza, affirmed about the possibility of being chosen to relieve Zinedine Zidane in front of the first team if this does not continue, that he is a “club employee”. “This is my house and this is where I want to be, where I feel identified. I became a coach to be at home. But this is not the time to talk about anyone’s future, but rather to be proud to be here, “he said.

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