Raúl González, at the crossroads: waiting for the opportunity to replace Zidane or make the move to the Bundesliga

Raúl González Blanco, during a Real Madrid Castilla match

One of the recurring questions to Zinedine Zidane at this season’s press conferences, especially in this final stretch, it is whether or not it will continue next year. The Frenchman already gave a scared before, and he, far from clearing up unknowns, is mysterious about it in each answer.

That is why there are already many names on the table in case of an eventual departure of ‘Zizou’, who is already tempted by teams like the Juventus or the French soccer team itself, which has been sighing for him for years. One of those who most bid on the white lies to take over is Raúl González Blanco.

It is the natural step. Raúl, one of the greatest legends of Real Madrid, has established himself as Castilla coach with solvency and many see him prepared to take charge of a first-class team. Although the white bench burns a lot, Zidane also left the subsidiary and the result was almost unbeatable, making him one of the best coaches in white history.

The good work of Raúl with Castilla, as before with the whole of the Youth League that won, make him a favorite in case Zidane leaves him, but staying home is by no means his only option. If you don’t want to take on the pressure of putting yourself in charge of Real Madrid, but do want to make the jump to a First Division, Raúl has already received offers from Bundesliga, where he spent part of the final stretch of his career as a footballer.

In his few years at Schalke 04 he won the affection of the fans and in Germany he is highly regarded. Goal.com in its German edition places him as a firm candidate to replace in the Frankfurt Eintratcht a a Adi Hütter, which will go to Borussia Monchengladbach.

Until it is confirmed whether Zidane continues or not, this will be a debate to take into account at Real Madrid today. Winning the league title may be a determining factor in convincing the Frenchman, who still already shows signs of wear and tear as a squad that has been hit hard by injuries.

Betting on Raúl would be a relatively cheap solution for Florentino Pérez, not only because of the manager’s salary, but also because of his knowledge of the white quarry. Figures like Arribas, Miguel Gutiérrez or Antonio Blanco They have come out of his command, and the idea of ​​the quarry has always been very much to the liking of the fans.

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