Rapid Vienna and Sturm Graz win – Hütteldorfer are runner-up

Rapid Vienna won the long-distance duel for the runner-up. Both the Hütteldorfer and SK Sturm won – so the Viennese can compete in the Champions League qualification.

While SK Sturm won 3-1 at WAC (Dejan Joveljic, Jonathan Scherzer (own goal) and Kelvin Yeboah (2x) scored the goals), SK Rapid won 3-0 against LASK – Taxi Fountas and Christoph Knasmüllner ( 2x) met. The runner-up and Champions League qualification goes to SK Rapid.

Both clubs occupy second and third place in the Bundesliga, the better goal difference decided in favor of the Hütteldorfer. Rapid can now start in the 2nd round of the Champions League qualification. In the league branch, however, Rapid face quite tough opponents.

Celtic Glasgow or Sparta Prague are already waiting for the start. Roger Schmidt’s PSV Eindhoven could also come to Vienna – but Manchester United would have to mess up the Europa League final against Villarreal.

Should the Champions League dream burst in the second round, it will still continue in the Europa League qualification. If runner-up Rapid fails there, the Coference League playoff continues – a group stage is not guaranteed.

The table of the master group

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