Rapid managing director Christoph Peschek wants to protect the 50 + 1 rule

Bundesliga board member Christian Ebenbauer recently indicated that the 50 + 1 rule for Austria’s football clubs would be reconsidered. This approach finds little understanding at SK Rapid.

“The regulation will certainly be a topic in the working groups this year,” announced league board member Christian Ebenbauer with regard to the 50 + 1 rule a few days ago.

That is out of the question for Rapid Managing Director Peschek. “I am of the opinion that 50 + 1 should in any case be protected and up-to-date,” says Peschek “sportsbusiness.at”. “If the club and its members are the owners of the club corporations, the focus should be on sustainable club development. In any case, we will not agree to a softening or even abolition of 50 + 1.”

Investors would always pursue an interest, “and that is usually in making a profit. Football clubs should not commit themselves to returns, let alone sell their decision-making power. We play football not to maximize profit, but for our fans – possible profits should therefore be used for the further development of the club and not withdrawn from the club for the distribution of dividends, “explains Peschek.

Peschek continues: “Because investors invest money so that they ultimately get more money. That is why they are also investors, not donors. The risk of losing their identity, their own founding ideas and values ​​is great. Football clubs should in any case retain their decision-making power.”

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