Ralf Rangnick: Interest in Schalke return, but no discussions yet

Ralf Rangnick is waiting for a signal from the Schalke supervisory board, but the majority should still be skeptical. Instead, the preferred candidate was someone from Leipzig, who had even been presented with a contract that was ready to be signed.

The return of Ralf Rangnick inspires many Schalke fans. By Monday, almost 50,000 had signed an online petition for a comeback for the 62-year-old.

However, it is questionable whether this will actually happen. So far, according to information from SPOX and goal neither talks nor negotiations between Rangnick and Schalke 04.

According to the Rangnick side, contact should be made through the chairman of the supervisory board, Jens Buchta, as only the supervisory board can appoint a new sports director. As long as there is no uniform line there, Rangnick and his advisors want to wait and make no further comments.

Allegedly, Buchta and a majority of the supervisory board are skeptical because Rangnick should set specific conditions: Free hand in sporting questions and, despite the high debts, a reasonable budget to return to the Bundesliga immediately after the expected relegation with a completely new, greatly rejuvenated team .

Schalke: Krösche’s preferred candidate was allegedly a contract

In addition, the resentment is still great, because Buchta and Co. are said to have stood immediately before the agreement with the preferred candidate Markus Krösche. Allegedly, despite the current contract, the sports director of RB Leipzig should be open to a new job until 2022 and he even had a contract from Schalke that was ready for signature.

To prevent this, a so-called “secret group” made up of influential Schalke supporters from business and politics made their plan with Rangnick public on the Friday before the board meeting and also inaugurated the board member Stefan Gesenhues. After he had presented Rangnick as a candidate, it should have cracked properly because the participants in the round felt deceived. Gesenhues is therefore said to have been threatened with proceedings before the honorary council and a possible exclusion from the association.

The doctor then apologized for his action. “In retrospect, I can understand that my colleagues on the supervisory board felt taken by surprise, I’m sorry,” said Gesenhues WAZ, but nevertheless spoke out in favor of Rangnick: “I think that he is the right man for Schalke 04.”

In any case, Krösche drew his conclusions and said on Sunday that he was not available. Rangnick, on the other hand, has declared that he is fundamentally interested in a third job at Schalke. But only under similar framework conditions as in his stations as head coach in 2004/2005 and 2011. At that time, however, the Royal Blues, who are said to have around 240 million euros in liabilities, were far better placed economically.

It is true that the “secret group” should also have the approval of potent sponsors when Rangnick comes. But financial opportunities, as Rangnick imagines, are probably only possible with a spin-off of the professional football division. For such a step, for which 75 percent of the club members would have to vote, there is currently no majority and it could officially be implemented in 2022 at the earliest.

Rangnick: Clarity may not be until the summer

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