Quique: “I don’t have broken players or with mental dramas”

Quique Sánchez Flores, coach of the Getafe, declared this Friday that he sees his staff “trained” to reverse the delicate sporting situation they are going through and assured that “broken players or mentally going through a drama” have not been found in the dressing room.

Quique Sánchez Flores returned to Getafe ten days ago to replace José Miguel González Martín, ‘Míchel’, dismissed due to poor results the last day. In this way, the Madrid coach began his third stage in the azulón team after those starred in the 2004/2005 seasons and for two months in 2015.

“The moment you train you enter another world, like in a centrifuge, and the word pressure is attached to our profession. What I feel is the desire to sit on the bench, train and show that players are capable of doing different things. What I have above all is illusion, “said Quique, at a press conference.

“I want to build something that has heart and feeling because it is about transmitting. You have to compete transmitting to get the attention of our fans and that they support us unconditionally,” he confessed.

Getafe faces the match against Levante at a delicate moment. He is bottom with only one point and still does not know the victory in the eight days of the championship disputed. “This elite of players is trained to play in the best league in the world, which is the Spanish along with the English. They are guys who also understand or have given me to understand that they have competed very well. The results are capricious at times and everything account, but they are not broken players, mentally going through a drama, I see that they do not hesitate, they understand and reply, “he said.

“For this game, we have focused a lot on ourselves. We are going to face each day as if it were a final. Our strength is that the team has to be stronger, generate more strengths and be more uncomfortable for the rivals,” he said.

“The guys are waiting to show themselves. The most important thing is that they stay activated because the seasons get very long. You have to maintain the attitude and the competitive pace all the time. They are able to reverse the situation and can improve many things They can do better and we are here to help them, “he said.

Finally, Quique Sánchez Flores expressed his opinion about the postponement of the matches between Granada and Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid and Athletic Club de Bilbao due to the number of international players that some teams have lost in these days of commitments with national teams. “It does not seem fair or fair to me. These are the problems that arise in football that football itself has to solve,” he concluded.

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