Questions with an answer to the controversial Superliga and the harsh sanctions to teams and players that participate

Karim Benzema finishes off during the match on the 30th day of the First Division League between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Some details of the project of the Super league have already been released. Although we will have to pay special attention to UEFA’s confrontation with the teams.

How many founding teams will there be?

Although at the moment the founding members are 12, the idea is that there are a total of 15. The remaining three would not have to join immediately, they could do so within a year. Bayern and PSG are the two great candidates despite the rejection of the Bavarians and the silence of the Gauls. Parisians could unite after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where its president, Sheikh Nasser Al-Khelaifi, has interests. Borussia Dortmund, Porto or Ajax are other clubs that have sounded strong.

What will be the format of the competition?

There will be 20 teams with two groups of 10 each. Four of each will pass, crossing in a quarterfinal. Then, a semifinals and a final. The final phase will be similar to that of the current Champions League.

Is it a closed league?

Yes, but with nuances. The idea is that there are 15 founding teams and that there are five places that will be distributed by sporting merits. What has not been specified is what will be those performances of the teams to be able to access or from which countries they will be.

When will it start?

It is one of the great unknowns and it will be what happens in the next few days that marks the calendar. It could start this summer or in 2022. What is clear is that the tournament will start in August of each year.

How much money will be distributed in the super league?

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