“Pukes me up”: Austria coach Peter Stöger angry with interchangeable players

Despite a 2-0 lead, Vienna Austria suffered a sensitive 3-2 defeat against SV Ried. After the final whistle, coach Peter Stöger was quite angry.

Until the 79th minute, the violets led comfortably 2-0 in Ried, but then everything went very quickly and in the end a 2: 3 was on the result board. With that, the violets gave home rights to TSV Hartberg in the European Cup playoff.

“If your colleagues run for 65 minutes and you can only see the whites of their eyes and then others believe they can try to make them look good themselves, that just doesn’t work,” annoyed Stöger Sky about his exchange players.

Marco Djuricin, Manprit Sarkaria, Dominik Fitz, Eric Martel and Georg Teigl were substituted on. “We thought we could finish the game without the necessary effort. It is extremely annoying when some players are not prepared to go to the maximum. We were punished for that. It was like that again that we showed our faces for 20 minutes that we don’t want to see. There was very little team spirit, “said Stöger.

Home rights in the play-off are now with the Hartbergers. Although the task is “still feasible” for Stöger, you have to “go to the limit” for that. And what really annoys Stöger: “We really would have liked to have given the fans the opportunity to come to the stadium, who are so loyal to the club. That really pisses me off!”

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