PSG star Marco Verratti shoots referee Björn Kuipers: “Said ‘F *** You’ to me”

After losing the Champions League against Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain’s midfielder Marco Verratti has raised allegations against referee Björn Kuipers (Netherlands). He insulted him several times, Verratti said after the 2-0 draw at the Etihad Stadium RMC Sport.

Verratti explained: “He said ‘F *** You’ to me a few times. If I say that, I’ll be banned for ten games. Yes, I also talk to the referee a lot. But ‘F *** You’ did I never said that before. “

Ander Herrera made a similar statement, who stated that Kuipers had told his team-mate Leandro Paredes to “piss himself off”.

The Italian international was previously involved in several pack formations, including in the 71st minute when Kuipers warned him for a foul on Phil Foden. A decision against which Verratti protested vehemently.

On the microphone of Sky Italia the Italian international put it up again against Kuipers. He tried to speak “respectfully” to the referee. But he “insulted him three or four times” and “started to distribute yellow cards wildly.” Verratti also emphasized: “We got nervous then. But the end is not the referee’s fault.”

City hero Mahrez commented on the lack of discipline of the PSG players Sky sober: “That’s just the way it is. The others are then frustrated, they are big games, there is a lot at stake. And then we just scored the decisive goals.”

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