PSG rejects the Super League: “Every tournament without UEFA support hides personal interests”

Nasser Al-Khelaifi

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, president of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), refused to support the creation of the Super league European and assured that “Any proposal without the support of UEFA” does not solve the current problems of football because it comes motivated by “personal interests”.

“We believe that any proposal without the support of UEFA – an organization that has been striving to advance the interests of European football for 70 years – does not solve the problems faced by the football community; quite the contrary, as it is motivated by personal interests “, Al-Khelaïfi, although without specifically mentioning the project of the European Super League announced on Sunday.

In a statement published this Tuesday, PSG, one of the clubs that has not yet joined the Super League project, also informs that the president of the Parisian club was reelected in Switzerland as a member of the UEFA Executive Committee.

Paris Saint-Germain will continue to work with UEFA, the European Club Association and with all parts of European football that are governed by the principles of good faith, dignity and respect for each other.“said the leader, who made these statements after his appointment at the end of the 45th ordinary UEFA congress, held in Montreux (Switzerland).

Al-Khelaïfi also recognized that the Champions League, UEFA’s star tournament, it needs to “evolve”, for which he supported the new Champions format presented this Monday, which he considers to be “on the right track.”

With these demonstrations, PSG, controlled by a Qatar fund for a decade, breaks its silence on its position on the Super League and aligns itself with another European colossus, Bayern Munich.

Both clubs, finalists of the last Champions League, are the main dissonant voices among the oligarchy of continental clubs. Twelve of the main ones appear as founders of a tournament that could mean the disappearance of the current “Champions”.

The opposition of PSG, one of the clubs that has spent the most in Europe thanks to the contributions of the Qatari owners, is also explained by the management of television rights.

The television channel BeIn Sports, also owned by the Qatari sovereign wealth fund that controls PSG, is associated with UEFA to broadcast the Champions League in many countries, so a new cast in a different tournament could harm your interests

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