PSG makes official the renewal of Neymar until 2025

Paris Saint-Germain has made official this Saturday the renewal of Neymar Júnior until 2025. The extension of the bond of the player who signed the most expensive transfer in the history of football and the one who enjoys the best salary after Messi, moves the first tab of the dominoes of a summer market that is announced as messy and mysterious. Agents close to the operation assure that the 29-year-old footballer will earn a salary close to 30 million euros net per season. Until now, his income exceeded 40 million for all concepts, including sponsorship agreements derived directly from his presence in Paris and his relationship with the Qatari state, which owns the club.

Renewed Neymar, who ended his contract in 2022, the renewal of Mbappé remains in the air, who also has a contract with PSG until 2022 and has been negotiating an extension for more than a year without receiving the desired offer from the club. Mbappé, who is 22 years old, received salary proposals close to 40 million euros net from Premier clubs months before the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.

The forward’s representatives intend to place him on the same salary scale as Neymar. For that, PSG needs to restructure its budget, find new financing channels, or get UEFA to ignore its financial control rules. A person who worked with PSG in the summer of 2017 assures that the signings of Neymar and Mbappé for about 400 million euros were possible thanks to the sudden laxity with which Nyon’s prosecutors they studied the club’s accounts after threatening to leave it out of the Champions League.

The positioning of PSG on the side of UEFA, and in the face of the 12 rebel clubs that tried to found the Superliga two weeks ago, has placed it in a favorable scenario, according to the sports director of one of the richest clubs in Europe. According to this version, the president of PSG, Nasser al-Khelaifi, who has become a member of the UEFA executive committee together with its president Aleksander Çeferin, could articulate a political solution that makes it easier for him to meet Mbappé’s demands without breaking the barrier of spending. If something distinguishes PSG from the rest of the clubs it is its level of liquidity at a time when the covid-19 has emptied the boxes. Backed by the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar, the Parisian institution has not spent more because it would include the fair play financial.

Until shortly before the schism of the Super League, the PSG leaders were sure of their plan regarding Mbappé. They believed that the player would finally accept their proposals, which at that time were around 20 million net per course. “The Qataris prefer that his contract ends in 2022, and letting him go free, rather than selling him this summer, is a matter of reputation, they do not want to be seen as a selling club,” said a representative who works with PSG, and who assures that Mbappé he had had offers from Madrid, Barça, United, City and Juventus.

Another agent very close to PSG coincided with a rumor that has been widespread for weeks: Mbappé negotiates with Real Madrid. This was the talk of the agent table before the Super League fiasco. After the crisis, a new panorama opens.

“Madrid has financial problems, Barça is even worse, in Italy they cannot compete with these salaries and I don’t think Neymar will go to England”, sentenced on April 11 in L’Equipe Wagner Ribeiro, the representative who has worked the longest for Neymar, famous for his good relations with Madrid and PSG. “Only PSG can pay Neymar.”

Few people handle information better about Neymar than Ribeiro, who has represented him since he was a child. His testimony fits with that of other businessmen: no Premier club has been interested in the services of Neymar Júnior, if the price that must be paid for the performance he has exhibited since 2016 is so high. Only Madrid was willing to recruit Neymar in the summer of 2019, for the third time in the last decade. But the Brazilian wanted to go to Barça, or to stay at PSG, the institution that, after all, has valued him the most and has tolerated his bohemian character the most. As Ribeiro said to a friend: “Where is Neymar going to live better than at PSG?”

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